Ultimate Boxing Night

Ultimate Boxing Night: Oleksandr Usyk and WePlay Esports have expanded the horizons of traditional boxing

The eSports arena boxing matches is the response of the USYK-17 PROMOTIONS and WePlay Esports teams to the COVID restrictions. Thus, showing how modern and bright a boxing show can look: AR-effects, shooting dynamics, DJ and visualization

On April 10, the Ultimate Boxing Night was held in Kyiv without spectators, at the WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv. The event was broadcasted by the DAZN streaming platform, the XSPORT TV channel, the USYK-17 YouTube channel, and the WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Twitch channel, which usually shows virtual battles

16 boxers from Ukraine, Great Britain, Georgia, Croatia, Belarus and Hungary took part in the boxing show

In the main super middleweight bout, Ramil Gadzhyiev from Ukraine defeated Ivan Murashkin from Belarus by unanimous decision in a tough 8-round matchup

The heavyweight co-main fight was impressive, but not long. Debutant Tsotne Rogava from Ukraine defeated Petar Mrvalj from Croatia in the 1st round by knockout

In the second co-main fight, light heavyweight Daniel Lapin from Ukraine confidently defeated Attila Koros from Hungary by unanimous decision in 6 rounds

Undercard bouts

First welterweight division: Nodir Bokhshyiev from Belarus defeated Sean Fennel from Great Britain by split decision in an old-school 6-round matchup

Light Heavyweight division: Zach Chelli from Great Britain defeated Bogdan Garkavy from Ukraine by TKO in the 3rd round

The first heavyweight category: Debutant Robert Marton from Ukraine defeated Paata Aduashvili from Georgia in a 4-round matchup by unanimous decision

Middleweight category: debutant Miroslav Ishchenko from Ukraine defeated experienced boxer Alexander Benidze in a 4-round matchup by unanimous decision

First welterweight category: Serhii Guk from Ukraine defeated compatriot Andriy Rudenko by knockout at the end of the 2nd round

“With the joint efforts of the USYK-17 PROMOTIONS team and WePlay Esports, we created an event that boxing and eSports fans had the opportunity to enjoy. Such events as Ultimate Boxing Night prove that classic sports and eSports can coexist and even reinforce each other,” says Oleksandr Usyk